International Watercolor Exhibition
51 - Reims

For our 12th edition we will receive four internationally renowned watercolor artists

From 29 September to 08 October 2017


David Poxon

David Poxon

Drapeau rond anglaisAngleterre

Honour Guest

Elected member of the Royal Institute of Painters Watercolorists of London. It uses a multilayer glazing technique, sometimes with up to 20 layers of transparent paint.


Naomi Tydeman

depositphotos 79728328 Wales flagWales

Very inspired by water, ocean, ports, she received a Turner award in 2013.

She exhibits all over the world.

pierre NB

Pierre Tougas

drapeau quebec rondQuébec

He is an active member co-founder of the Canadian Watercolor Society (S.C.A.) His works are found in several private collections in Canada and the United States, as well as in several private companies.


Diane Boilard

drapeau quebec rondQuébec

A signatory of the Canadian Watercolor Society and the Institute of Fine Arts, Diane has received numerous awards including the Audience Award and the S.C.A. Award on several occasions.


Watercolors made during the demonstrations
will be offered to the public after a lottery.


We support the association Roseau
(Association for the Aid to Children with Leukemia and Cancer)






2017 Exhibition Site :

3 minutes walk from our former exhibition site

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Biography of artists

David Poxon


David Poxon was born in the Industrial heartland of England, but now makes his home in the rural countryside of Shropshire. U.K. He is an elected member of the prestigious R.I. (The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) and serves on the R.I. Council He is also a signature member of N.W.S (The National watercolour society of America) In 2015 David will serve on the jury of selection for the N.W.S.
Over the years he has won many awards and accolades for the precision and craftsmanship of his paintings.
He is the author of two books on drawing techniques, and has contributed many articles to the Art Magazine press and has appeared in numerous art books world wide.

open quoteI love to zoom in on abandoned corners or overlooked machinery, and am continuously drawn to things that have worked hard for a living. These objects and scenarios seem to imbue something of the men that created them. To capture the reality Not just content to make things that were fit for purpose they also harbour a living character and aesthetic harmony which is both joyous and soulful .
To capture the reality and essence of these places and things as nature reclaims them for her own I consciously leave nothing out, and put nothing in, that is not there.
I do this out of respect for those that have enriched our world with their astute craftsmanship.close quote

Painting in pure watercolour medium he uses a painstaking multi glazing technique, with sometimes up to 17 layers of transparent paint, each in turn delicately modulating the colours beneath.
There is no white paint used at all in any of his works preferring instead to preserve areas of the natural paper, his paintings can take many weeks in the making.
A recurring theme in his work is the reclamation by nature of that which man has created and abandoned, finding renewed life between object and environment.

pot pinceaux


non complete list

  • London R.I. Royal Institute London, Critics Award
  • Pakistan Lifetime Achievement Award
  • San Diego USA AWS Global Award 2016
  • Paris Salon International Alizarine Medale d’ honour
  • New Orleans USA International First Prize
  • London R.I. Winsor & Newton prize at the annual Royal Institute exhibition Los Angeles National Watercolour Society of America Presidents Prize.
  • Shanghai Bienniale prize of excellence
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery Curators Award
  • ---



non complete list

  • New York, OK Harris Works of Art, Art of the Real Exhibition
  • Los Angeles ,The National Watercolour Society Gallery, San Pedro.
  • London Chelsea Signet Gallery
  • Pakistan Biennalle
  • Hong Kong Invited International Masters
  • Shanghai Quanhua Watermedia Gallery
  • Shanghai Biennial, Invited International artist
  • Nanjing ; Invited Artist; 3rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Watermedia Masters
  • Shenzhen Bienniel Exhibition
  • Tianjin ,Watermedia Masters China Tour 2012/2013
  • Belgium Biennial, Invited International Artist
  • London, National Theatre
  • ---

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Naomi Tydeman

portrait exterieur

For more than 20 years, Naomi Tydeman’s name has been synonymous with Pembrokeshire, an area she depicts in watercolour paintings of great subtlety and meditative intensity.
Those pictures have won her plenty of fans, not to mention inclusion in major London exhibitions, where her work has been shown alongside pieces by Singer Sargent, Pissarro and Whistler.
She says that Pembrokeshire has shaped everything about her art, right down to her love of the colour grey.

open quoteIt’s my favourite colour because Pembrokeshire has made me an artist and Pembrokeshire is grey most of the time.
I’ve found that grey can be warm or it can be cool; all you have to do is add a little bit more red or blue. A lot of my paintings are grey – I’m a great believer in a limited palette. It helps me look at the lights and the darks. I’ve tended to find that using different shades of grey, with maybe just a hint of a colour, is most effective.

In other pieces, we see her love of Pembrokeshire undimmed. These paintings can be roughly divided into two types: images of almost photographic accuracy, which are underpinned by precise drawings; and looser, more atmospheric pieces which spring from experimentation with paint and pigment.

«In those paintings it’s all about evaporation, gravity and time, she says.
"There’s no drawing involved at all – it’s just pure pigment and water, so they use a very different technique. I let the paint suggest things – it may be that the pigment flows so that it looks like a cloud, so I would work with that. It’s about letting the paint tell me what it wants to be."

Now that many other colours have entered her repertoire, it is interesting to speculate about where the paint might lead her next. Will the trip to India have a lasting effect on her style? Tydeman prefers to leave it in the hands of fate.
«I don’t know, we’ll have to see », ...




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Pierre Tougas

Pierre tougas03

Pierre Tougas was born in St-Jean sur Richelieu in 1949.

He graduated from the Canadian Academy of Arts in 1968. He later studied with the American painters Don Stone and Tom Nicholas as well as with the Canadian painters Alexis Arts and Irena Korosec.
Founding member of the Canadian Watercolor Society (SCA) in 1982.

He became a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Toronto Watercolor (CSPWC) in 1996.

A professional artist, after having worked as an illustrator for a few years, he then devoted himself to painting on a full-time basis.

Participating in 25 solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions, his work has been the subject of two retrospectives in museums in Quebec (Laurier Museum and Château Ramezay).


open quote My travels in Europe have led me to paint differently. The architecture, luminosity and landscapes distinct from those of North America, forced me to discover other avenues and gave new vitality to my painting.
These adventures abroad, this appropriation of other universes, allowed me to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge. They contribute to the refinement I seek to achieve in the evolution of my work.
All these trips are for me an inexhaustible source of new challenges and a great personal satisfaction in my artistic approach.


Winner of several prizes including: First prize SCA (1996, 2000, 2014) and two public prizes SCA (2000, 2014).
Since 1982, he has devoted part of his time to teaching in the form of workshops or demonstrations throughout Quebec.
Two biographical works have been devoted to it:
TOUGAS, Clément Fortin, Editions Broquet, 1990.
WATER AND LIGHT, Gilles Brown, Art Global, 2003.

More recently, he made the illustrations of a luxury edition of the volume L'ÉNIGME DU RETOUR, Dany Laferrière, éditions Art Global, 2013.
His works can be found in several private and public collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.



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Diane Boilard

Diane Boilard

Very young, Diane realizes that colors and shapes allow her to express her universe. During her studies in communication, she discovers watercolor and it's love at first sight. His fascination with watercolor is probably due to the whims of this medium.

The challenges are great and the energy deployed must be consistent. It uses this same energy to initiate privileged moments, which in turn constitute the visual universe of its own. Self-taught painter, over time, she develops her own techniques on different supports.


open quote

Painting for me is an act that comes from within, from the soul and my work is the result. I am passionate about the medium of watercolor and it is thanks to this same watercolor that I discovered the world of watercolor. creation. I love life, being and nature ... the intact landscape and its smell, its mountains, its birds. They fascinate me, I try to grasp their movements, their levity and perhaps their freedom.

She surprises us by her temerity, she approaches her paintings with a beautiful audacity.

The ability to simplify, a sine qua non condition that allows him to draw the gestural energy in his memory of the vital need for communication.


His satisfaction to paint more freely and therefore to use his intuition wisely.
Treating the theme with great simplicity requires a rigorous knowledge of the subject.
The work on the motif allows her to become imbued with the subject and the atmosphere, the sensitive experience

That she lives in nature nourishes her need for introspection.
Diane has developed a capacity to internalize the subject and then exteriorize it by giving it a whole new emotion.
She uses, naturally, these achievements and always offers us works of great freshness.

A signatory of the Canadian Watercolor Society and the Institute of Fine Arts, Diane has received numerous awards including the Audience Award and the S.C.A. Award on several occasions.




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