Diane Boilard is a native of Beauport in the suburbs of Quebec and very young she is passionate about the arts in all its forms. Self-taught, she develops her own techniques punctuated by some courses or seminars to improve her artistic development.

She wants to perfect herself, both in movement and in color, which for her is the essential element of her achievements. Diane exploits to the maximum the components of her works, light and transparency are there in profusion, the movement is spontaneous.

For some years now, she has lived on Île d'Orléans, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The subjects covered in his creations revolve around his favorites. A landscape where she fixed her gaze, flowers that perfumed a country road, a face that surprised her, subjects do not stop her, because for her, what matters most is what emerges from his work ; An atmosphere, an atmosphere, a down time.

Source: SCA

Diane Boilard