Agraduate of drawing and plastic arts for teaching, he is a French watercolor artist of international renown. In 1999, his reference book " Aquarelle, l'eau créatrice " was published by Editions Fleurus. This book, which has been repeatedly re-edited and which technically renews the practice of watercolor and which inaugurates the principles of the technique "wet on wet", marks a generation of watercolor painters.
Since 1993, many artists go through his workshop and he leads numerous internships in France as well as abroad. Another work, " Journal d'un aquarelliste " , published in 2003, reveals more intimately his work as an artist.

Livre de Jean louis morelle
Journal d'un aquarelliste


From his passion for watercolor, he writes:

open quote In the 1990s, reality was organized around two poles: that of technique and that of gaze. No art of watercolor without craft, without the indispensable part of the mastery. But no art without regard and no relation to the world. Watercolor freed my gaze as a painter. I was the adventurer, the explorer of unsuspected themes, the ordinary objects, the little disorders of everyday life, the streets at the end of the workshop, the cars, the faces I met. Only the lightness of the watercolor allowed me a thousand trips to life in the surroundings. Always on the motif, I always accompanied my box with my diluted pigments and my papers stretched on chassis.
As for the technique ... I had not received any teaching, nor met any master. What about the water that apparently impelled so much pigments?
I wanted to free myself from the technique of successive glacis too attached for my temperament, to the illustration. The watercolor certainly, but to paint there directly in the matter with a freedom close to the oil which has at will the location of the lights. In the wet puddles, I therefore created voluntary aureoles. Not as a simple trick, but as a question referring by hypothesis to a general law. The light of the paper was rediscovered as a treasure of freedom and sensuality.

At the open doors of my workshop, watercolor enthusiasts hungry for advice came more and more. Pedagogy was taking place. I retrace the basics in the book  «  Aquarelle, l’eau créatrice  ».
But the rules of a game, especially of a technical nature, are not changed with impunity. Changing requires the presence of a lack, which will call a desire of history. The audience won over nine years by this book, several times re-edited, clearly indicates that many watercolor practitioners are still waiting today for technical renewal but much more for different sensations.

These open a path for everyone.close quote