Odette Feller

In her artistic approach, Odette FELLER wants to keep a freedom of movements, colors and shapes.

Odette FELLER says she is often surprised to have fun of the various effects caused by interfering in drying times. Perhaps it gives her the illusion of dominating, for a moment only, this magic of the marriage of water and pigment.

The chosen subject will be determined by chance and the result obtained by the spots of colors, more or less diluted according to the moisture of the paper which it decides at the first brush stroke following its "instinct of the moment"

The second step is to look and see, it is what invites Odette FELLER to think and especially to the main phase, the creativity, of this miracle of the fusion of colors, she must honor it, these Often indefinable forms, it tries to bring out the subject gradually. As if by a miracle of something "without a future" a real world appears as to better secure the viewer of whom she says she is always the first. For her, it is one of the privileges of the artist.

Because watercolor is the most undisciplined medium gives Odette FELLER the freedom to accentuate its defects and qualities by playing without restraint in the water and the free spaces that it offers, without overloading and leaving the beautiful effects Often unexpected mixes, astonishes and invites them to respect them by leaving them a starring place in his paintings.

open quoteIn each work I try to reflect a general atmosphere, given by the choice of colors and a lightness due to the open spaces.

Like all the artists of the world, she hopes that her work will be able to express the satisfaction she has had in creating it.