A New challenge

21 Sept 2007
Thanks to the success of our first event, we invited the couple Viktoria and Slawa PRISCHEDKO, international artists of Russian origin living in Trier (Germany), which led us in February 2007 to organize a new prestigious exhibition Of a hundred works at the Conservatoire National de Région de Reims.

Public Exhibition

Just as Roland PALMAERTS had done the year before, it was this time Viktoria PRISCHEDKO who, on the day of the opening of the exhibition, realized in public in one and a half hours, with great talent and concentration, A magnificent, colorful and large-scale watercolor; The theater was packed and the audience of 100 impressed and conquered applauded the performance and brilliant simultaneous translation of Erika Berger.

Viktoria Prischedko

The painting was offered by random draw to a delighted spectator, who left it in exhibition, after its framing with the competition of "Glass Eclat" during the duration of the exhibition.

The lottery continued with many lots, thanks to the great generosity of the two artists.

Among the spectators, it was our pleasure to welcome, besides Roland PALMAERTS our Honorary President and his wife Odette FELLER two renowned French watercolor artists, authors of several books on the technique of watercolor: Maryse de MAY and Jean-Louis MORELLE


This demonstration was followed by a beautifully decorated and sparkling buffet of champagne bubbles, where more than 300 people rushed to admire the works of the Prischedko couple and compliment the artists.

Mr Mario Rossi Deputy Mayor of Reims in charge of Culture made us the honor of his presence, as well as Mrs Christiane Willemin worthy representative of our important sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim France.


exposition dans la salle

Nearly 85 paintings by Viktoria and Slawa were presented, each one more magnificent than the other and well presented by the natural light of the large exhibition spaces of the Conservatory. Street scenes formidably colored and large dimensions for Viktoria, characters subtly drawn by Slawa, mainly female figures, ballerinas, which the artist describes by a subtle play of contrasts.

All these paintings have been a great success with many visitors, amateurs, collectors and gallery owners.



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