Another adventure

26 Sept 2008

Aquarelle Reims Evénement organized a presentation from September 26 to October 10, 2008, with the active support of the powerful Canadian Watercolor Society, which brings together More than 120 members across Canada and federates the great creativity of the artists of the Belle province), 91 watercolors representative of Canadian creation.

Québec artist Diane Boilard, an international artist, made a public demonstration of watercolor in an auditorium of the Conservatoire,

This exhibition was an opportunity to raise awareness in Europe of artists from across the Atlantic, building on the dynamics created by the 400th anniversary of the founding of Québec City.

Public Exhibition

Diane's flat pencil brings to life a very quick layout. This superb watercolor was made on a slightly yellow paper, on which she used abundantly the burnt Sienna, royal blue, ultramarine blue, Shadow green and magenta pink and original ingredients such as gold powder and Kassel soil for very personal textures.

We also noticed the use of Daler Rowney's Monarch paintbrushes and, towards the end but before drying completely, watercolor pencils for very thin and delicate graphics.



Diane Boilard and her watercolour


A lot of concentration of the artist and a magnificent painting which, after framing with the competition of "L'éclat de verre" in Cormontreuil, came to complement spectacularly the exhibition; This great watercolor was then offered by drawing lots to a delighted spectator.

The draw continued with many lots due to the great generosity of the artist, to the delight of the lucky winners.

This exceptional demonstration was followed by a full house; Among the more than 100 spectators were the attentive presence of our 2006 guests (Odette Feller and Roland Palmaerts) and 2008 (Viktoria and Slawa Prishedko), as well as that of several Quebec exhibitors: Louise Lincourt, representing the Canadian Watercolor Society , Josée Perrault, Lise St Cyr and Luce Simard, wise viewers giving this event a true international dimension.

An hour of a real spectacle, concluded by a thunder of applause.

As usual, this public demonstration was followed by a nicely decorated and sparkling buffet of champagne bubbles, where more than 300 people crowded to admire the works of our 46 invited artists.


Mr Olivier Nostry, Reims City Councilor, represented Mrs Adeline Hazan, Mayor of Reims; The presence of other local and regional representatives was also appreciated, as was that of Mrs Christiane Willemin, representative of our most important sponsor, the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim France.

91 paintings from a wide selection of artists from the SCA were presented, colorful and of great technical and artistic mastery; The natural light of the large exhibition spaces of the Conservatoire de Reims contributed to their development.

All these paintings have been a real success with many visitors, amateurs, collectors and gallery owners.

Exhibition 2008 : Some pictures


Exhibition 2008 : Varnishing