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17 Sept 2010

Maryse de May,
Nicole B.,
Marie-Line Montécot

will be our guests for the 2010 exhibition

For the fifth consecutive year, Aquarelle Reims Evénement again created a surprise by proposing three famous watercolors in the atrium of the Conservatoire of the city of Reims in September: Marie-Line Montécot - Maryse De May - Nicole B.

Nicole B. - Marie Line Montécot - Maryse De May

It was on the initiative of its Honorary President Roland Palmaerts, the designer and creator of the event, that this set of choices was assembled; This year again, its communicative energy has drained the team of enthusiasts who put together the necessary logistics to establish such a service which attracted more than a thousand visitors from different regions of France and Europe.

Galerie d'expositionNearly a hundred works by these three inspired and creative artists were offered to the public.

Evolving in different and complementary universes, successfully achieving the breathtaking demonstration of the play of water and pigments, they thus offered powerful and magical works.

Public Demonstration 

Main de l'artiste

The Maryse De May demonstration in the auditorium gave the audience an opportunity to witness the live birth of a particularly moving picture.
A random draw rewarded some lucky ones with original works of the artist.


The vernissage that followed, honored by the presence of the Deputy at the Town Hall of Reims, allowed the three artists to thank the initiator of this evening, Roland Palmaerts, as well as the team "Aquarelle Reims Event", the City of Reims, and to explain what represents for each of them the watercolor and its magical world.

It was also the occasion for the President of "Aquarelle Reims Evénement" to congratulate the artists, to salute the Prischedko couple who, this year, enriched the meeting with its presence, and finally to thank the partners who Allowed to put Reims at the center of the watercolor life during a prestigious exhibition.


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