Reims et la champagne


16 Sept 2011

The year 2011 will be an exceptional year because unlike tradition for 5 years we will not welcome new artists, but we will offer you to find with immense pleasure ten Artists of whom you have been able to admire and appreciate the various works, Powerful and original in the last five years:

Our Guest of Honor Roland Palmaerts, Belgian-Canadian Artist Honorary President and Founder of Watercolor Reims Event, who will present 40 new paintings

Then 4 paintings of each Artist:

  • His wife, a Belgian artist , Odette Feller (2006 exhibition "Duo au Fil de l'Eau").
  • Our friends Germans of Ukrainian origin Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko whom we had the pleasure to welcome in 2007
  • Canadian artist Diane Boilard came in 2008 to represent the Canadian Watercolor Society
  • The great French watercolor artist Jean Louis Morelle came in 2009
  • And finally the French Artists Maryse De May, Marie-Line Montécot, and the Belgian Artist Nicole B. all together in 2010 for our exhibition "Aquarelle au Féminin".

cathedraleSurely 2011 will be a great year, this tray of choice will not finish surprising you.

The theme chosen for this new event will be "Reims and Champagne in Color", highlighting at the same time the

8th centenary of the cathedral

(The festivities of the 8th centenary of the Cathedral of Reims will take place from Friday 6 May to Sunday 23 October 2011)

See the website of the society of the friends of the cathedral of Reims

As is the tradition at Watercolor Reims Evénement you will be able to attend a public demonstration of watercolor which will be ensured this year by Roland Palmaerts in the amphitheater of the conservatory.

Public demonstration

For the inauguration, the guest of honor Roland Palmaerts made a public demonstration of watercolor, a prologue now traditional and appreciated, which makes the singularity of this event. It took place on Friday, September 16th, in an auditorium that was too small to accommodate the public, hence the need for a screen transmission outside in the conservatory hall: how many people were interested in And the technique of this Belgian artist with international fame.


About 80 works by the artists were offered to the public.

Evolving in different universes, the artists offered us their vision of the Cathedral, the region of Reims, demonstrating their mastery of water and pigments.


Websites of the painters


Exhibition 2011 : Some Pictures

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Exhibition 2011 : Thanks...

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