AquarelleReimsEvenement welcom the "Société Française de l'Aquarelle"


6 Sept 2012

Our Association Aquarelle Reims Evénement has the honor of presenting to you for the seventh consecutive year its Exposition d'Aquarelles d'Automne
This year we present the artists of the:

Our Guest of Honor, LELIE ABADIE will present about twenty paintings, and will animate a public demonstration of Watercolor in the great auditorium n ° 1 of the Conservatory with Regional Radiation. (400 places)

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Lélie Abadie will be surrounded by the following artists:

And a tribute will be paid to Hubert Riff.

Public Demonstration 

The guest of honor Lelie Abadie made a public watercolor demonstration, a prologue now traditional and appreciated, which makes the singularity of this event. It took place on Friday, September 7, in the large auditorium of the conservatory of Reims.


Expo 2012 : Exhibitors


Exhibition 2012 : Some pictures

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Exhibition 2012 : Thanks....

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The opening of the exhibition 2012 gave us the opportunity to present the watercolor of Mr Roland Palmaerts to the lucky winner of our contest which rewarded the 50 000th visitor of our website; It is therefore Mr Marc Barray of Montigny les monts who has had the privilege of being remitted his gain by the hands of the author of the watercolor.

from left to right: Mr Palmaerts, Mr Barray, Mr Rogez, Mme Lhonoré


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